Alongside the curriculum the nursery runs the following programmes to help to support children not only with their learning but to also maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically.
Yoga and Aerobics – this session is aimed at supporting children to develop their breathing techniques and to build their muscles and flexibility.

Letters and Sounds – this programme helps to support children with developing their understanding of letter sounds. This helps as a base to develop later reading and writing skills.

Well-being – this session is to children an opportunity to openly discuss and think about their feelings and emotions. Through these sessions we aim to develop the children’s sense of well-being, ability to self-regulate and to understand that all their emotions are ok to feel and help them find ways to deal with what they are feeling.

Building blocks – this programme is designed to help support children’s communication, concentration and co-operative social skills.

PALs – this programme is to help support children to learn to socialise when shy, to help to accept emotions, provide opportunities to develop strong levels of confidence and to learn basic life skills such as manners.

Forest school – this session takes place to support the development of a lifelong relationship between the child and the natural world. It enables children to become more confident and to questions things around them in their environment as well as learning new life and teamwork skills.

Sensory sessions – this session is to allow children to use and develop their ability to use all of their senses in a range of activities that allows them to immerse themselves into tranquillity and peacefulness.

Teeth Cleaning –As part of the EYFS guidance we are working with our children and families to promote good dental hygiene. We do this by encouraging and supporting our children to brush their teeth once a day whilst at nursery.
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