Meet the Team

Kerry Smith – Nursery Manager
I have worked in childcare since I was 16. I have a Bachelor of Arts with Honour Degree in Special Educational needs and Inclusive education, as well as Level 4 NVQ. Seeing children develop, progress and be ready for their next journey to school, gives me great joy and is the reason I do my job. My favourite thing about my nursery is the family feel, our team are friendly, approachable and make time to listen to parents.

Stacey Chun – Deputy Manager
Hi, my name is Stacey. I have worked within the company since 2012. I have a level 3 NVQ in childcare and development. I pride myself on being approachable and kind and I have a passion for supporting promoting positive behaviour.

Dominique Moynihan – Room Leader
Hello, my name is Dominique, I am the room leader at Rose Park Day Nursery. I have been working with the company since 2018. I have a level 3 NVQ. I chose childcare as a career path because I enjoy seeing children grow and develop and knowing that I am supporting the development of the next generation gives me a sense of pride.

Tunde Jakab – Nursery Practitioner
Hello, my name is Tunde. I joined the team at Rose Park Day Nursery in January 2018 and hold a level 3 NVQ. I became a nanny in 2007 and realised how important it is for children to feel safe, protected and loved, as well as given equal opportunities to learn and progress in life, which is why I decided to become a practitioner. Working at our setting is such a rewarding and fun job. I do really enjoy seeing how the children grow and develop during their time with us.

Stacey 2
Stacey Barret – Nursery Practitioner
Hello, My name is Stacey, I have a level 3 NVQ. I have worked in childcare for 20 years. the reason I enjoy my job is because I feel a sense of achievement within myself and the children when I see them grow and develop.

Muneeza Sheikh – Nursery Assistant
Hello my name is Muneeza. I have worked in childcare for many years and joined Rose Park in February 2021. I enjoy working with children, helping them progress and seeing them develop. I have a level 2 NVQ and make time to develop my own knowledge and develop my own knowledge and keep my training up to date.

Suad Ismail – Nursery Assistant
Hello, my name is Suad and I am a nursery Assistant here at Rose Park. Working with children and aiding them in their development is a passion of mine, which comes with a sense of accomplishment, that is very rewarding. Taking care of and playing with the children is always exciting and makes working with them every day enjoyable.

Ami Vail – Nursery Apprentice
Hi, my name is Ami. I am doing my childcare apprenticeship within Rose Park Day Nursery. I really am enjoying working with the children, I love having an impact on them and watching the children grow and develop into their own human beings.

Bonnie Stiles – Nursery Cook
Hello, my name is Bonnie. I am the nursery cook and have worked at Rose Park Day Nursery since July 2018. I enjoy providing a nourishing, healthy nutritious meal for the children. The children always make me feel wanted when they ask me what is for lunch when I arrive.

Mandy Routledge – Domestic Assistant
Hello, my name is Mandy. I am the nursery domestic assistant. I ensure the nursery is clean for the children every day. What I like most about working at Rose Park Day nursery, is working with such a great team.